The New Ship

Returning to New England after being based in Philadelphia has led me to a new ship. Things are a bit different this time. In Philadelphia the ship was a barkentine, meaning out of the three masts only the foremast had square sails. The new ship is a fully rigged ship which means all three masts have square sails. The other main difference is this ship is much newer. It was built in 1998, almost 100 years younger. The ship was built as a replica to mainly serve an educational museum-like purpose while still being fully functional and capable of voyages on the open ocean. But, she never had a long adventurous career as a working vessel.

I am certainly excited to join the crew though. It is a good group from what I have gathered thus far. There also seems to be a strong connection to the sea here as far as the backgrounds of the crew go. I think I can learn a lot here.

The one downside though is the ship uses a lot of modern materials and as such does not make use of pine tar.

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