Burlesque on a Boat

As a fundraiser for the ship we hosted a burlesque troupe for a few days. They were known as The Seven Deadly Seas and they put on a pirate themed show on the deck of our ship.

We built a stage for them on the deck and they performed for the audience as well as for crowds that gathered on the land during the show. People would just be wandering by and wonder what was going on. It was amusing to watch the reactions of people once the clothes started to come off and they realized it was a burlesque show. One guy I remember seeing in the audience the first night was trying so hard not to look too much while another older gentleman enjoyed every moment and could not take his eyes off the performers. The reactions from the people on land were interesting because there would often be parents with children or just groups of teenagers stopping buy. We tried to warn the parents of the young children.

Overall the show was quite amusing. It was a fun filled comedic spectacle.

Burlesque is probably an art form that most mainstream folks don’t get exposed to much. It’s tendency to venture into the risqué keeps self-respecting well-to-do folks away, or at least not overly willing to admit they enjoy the genre. But I have a suspicion that it’s also one of those things that while most people wouldn’t openly admit to, they keep their interest in a well guarded secret. For this I suppose we should blame the Puritans.

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