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Whoa, you have no idea what hard is until you work with HTML when your entire computer starts spinning around in front of you. Which brings me to my shout out of the night, Mark West Pinot Noir, vintage 2004..good stuff I highly recommend it. With that said and half the bottle inside of me I bring you the folloing gem. So I’m slowly drowning my sorrow with red red wine UB40 style when I realize some things. The first being that I can’t spell, and the second being that the mind is full of all sorts of crazy shit. Why does it take alcohol to unlock it? If the thoughts that go through my head when drunk went though it when sober, I not only would be thought of as crazy, but I could be a philosopher or something. I once wanted to major in philosophy. And in retrospect probably should have, I mean I couldn’t have made less money with that than I am now with a degree in communications. So anyway, this evening I come up with these two fine works from my mind. Partially induced by recent sorrow which is inevitable for almost every man (if i spelled that right I rock, otherwise I warned you I couldn’t spell, and i don’t mean the word “man”). So either I’m insane or a drunk philosopher. Either or‚ it doesn’t really matter which. The following is from my mind this fine evening:

Nothing is meant to be. It is what it is because we decide it to be so. Billions upon billions of possibilities, and we choose one, and that choice is the one we made, the one we can never make again.

Now is the past. It will never come again. The future is now and will contine to be now. What we do now determines the course of our lives, and is all that matters. The past that was now cannot be changed, the future will be now soon enough, but no use in worrying about it until it becomes now, for if worrying about the future now, now has been wasted and will never come again.

I also came up with something earlier. And I wasn’t under the influence. I thought “how many times has the devil killed a whole bunch of people just because they weren’t doing what he wanted?” Ok yeah I know, excommunicate me. But you know what? The pope was a former nazi. Hmmmmmmm…

Ok I am done for now. If I think of anything else I’ll let you know

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