What Lies Beneath

So far I have had multiple dreams involving a world existing under the house I grew up in. ¬†There are two main variants to this dream. ¬†The first involves an enterance to a vast system of caves that contain a thriving world. ¬†The second variation is that below my house exists a forgotten sub basement that was sealed off at some point in the 1970’s likely when the existing structure above was built. ¬†The sub basement is furnished just like any regular house would be and also filled with long forgotten personal items such as toys and other decorations. ¬†Each time I have discovered it in my dream it has seemed familiar as if I had been there before. ¬†Each time I have no actual knowledge of having been there, but everything about it inspires unexplained memories I didn’t know I had. ¬†And each time I am filled with this strange desire to take up residence there in the newly discovered bunker.

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