We didn’t have no innanet

Now friends, let us sit back, relax, and read a note that is not a list of some random facts, some list of things I have and haven’t done, or some post involving the meaning of my name in ancient Icelandic and what the first thing I did when I got up this morning was.


So, what shall we talk about?


What was that?


Kid Rock you say?


Well, if we must…


Almost everyone I have met, with the exception of a handful of guys from a town in Massachusetts, agree that Kid Rock is the worst musician ever. Perhaps this is due to his misunderstood talent for rhyming a word with itself. As an example stone with stones and of course things with things. Oddly enough Ed, he himself a Kid Rock aficionado, once stated that one cannot rhyme the same word with the same word (see: Entropy: Ep 1). So this only leads me to believe that Kid Rock is so good that people can forgive him for this and perhaps even see it as genius. Those who ridicule the Kid for this, however, perhaps are just jealous. They all secretly wish they had the same skills to rhyme bottle with tomottle.

So, it is my thesis that everyone loves Kid Rock, even if they refuse to admit it. Where is my evidence of this? Oh, well I’ll tell you where it is…

Ok, anyway, you know the song “All Summer Long”? You know the one that takes Wharewolves of London and Sweet Home Alabama and mixes them together only to make some sort of dirty freaky weird love child? Well, I heard this song once on the radio a brazillion times on a drive to Massachusetts. One of the DJs even mentioned how people hated it, but yet couldn’t get enough of it. I also heard this song at a wedding once. And then saw people line dance to it. On another occasion I was at a bar in Worcester and stated, “we need some Kid Rock”, the DJ must have read my mind because next thing I know this song was playing. And most recently I was at my company’s national sales meeting and the band played the song. The cover band made sure it was part of their set. When that happens, you know people want to hear it.

Oddly enough that wasn’t the first Kid Rock cover I have heard. Last time I was in Nashville I heard a cover of “Pictures”, the duet with Sheryl Crow.

So yeah, Kid Rock… America loves him…even if they don’t want to admit it.


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