Time Loop

Parts  of this dream kept repeating. It was not exactly the same each time, however.  Details would change, but the basic story would remain the same.

It started out at school at the start of the academic year.  I was returning from class only to find that my car was missing.  It no longer was in the parking space where I had parked.  There was, however, a box left in the spot that had been inside the car.  This box was filled with old sweatshirts from the boat club.

The first time around, the car had been towed.  Then in later trips through the time loop, it had been stolen.  Each time the box was always in the parking spot where the vehicle had been.  The type of car even changed.  Most of the time the car belonged to my father, except for one instance where it was a Vanagon that belonged to me.  In the times that it belonged to my father the vehicle was his Buick, except for one or two trips through the loop when it was a Honda Fury.

The basic timeline of the dream started with me discovering the missing vehicle.  After discovering it was missing I would walk around campus a bit trying to see if I could locate it.  In the stolen vehicle variants, I kept telling myself to file a police report, which I kept putting off.

Throughout the course of each timeline I would come across different events which were very much unlike the timeline before.  I would interact with all sorts of people.  Mostly it was people I knew from the waking world.

One loop had me interacting with people on campus and also then in a dorm room with my roommate, who happened to be this guy I know from Sweden.  We had a conversation.  The details I don’t really remember.  I think I may have been distracted by his pet gerbil he was playing with.

In another loop I found myself at a party at some sort of yacht club.

The where a bunch of loops that involved me doing all sorts of things around campus.  Nothing too memorable from these, though.

The last two loops were slightly similar. After my search around campus, for reasons I can’t recall, I found myself riding my motorcycle.  Perhaps in an attempt to search elsewhere.  Or maybe to get the hell out of the loop as I did retain knowledge of each previous loop throughout the entire dream.

The first time around everything was normal.  But the second, and final, time around I found myself on a motor-unicycle.  And, yes, in the dream I did find this to be slightly ridiculous.  But, nevertheless, I took my unicycle and rode off down the highway to find other adventures.

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