Thirsty Thursday

Ok. So drinking on a weekday wasnt all that bad. And it wasn’t my fault this time.  So we hang out at the overpriced bar in the lobby of our building and we watch the Phillies lose a second game to the Rockies. Oh and we also make fun of the lawyers in their ugly suits. We are joined by Chris who used to work with us but is now an instructor at a local military academy. He ships off to Afghanistan in two months after only being home for about a year since he came back from Iraq. So, anyway, we hang out here for awhile. Actually it turned out to be awhile longer than expected. These things have a way of doing that. Oh, and we saw Pierre Robert from WMMR there. He randomly walked in for some dinner with friends and stopped at our table and said hello to us. Then we finally leave and go our own ways. I get persuaded to join Chris, Julia, and her british husband Andy, who are going back to East Falls. Since East Falls is next to Manayunk I agree to go with them. We go to this bar by the East Falls train station and have a drink before going back to Julia and Andy’s to eat some pizza we had ordered. Julia tells me the next morning that that bar we were at burned down during the night.

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