The Viking Funeral of Spike the Cat

Spike the Cat lived with me for a short time.  He was the beloved companion of an associate of mine that was staying at my residence prior to my moving to the Manor.  Spike’s time at my residence was sadly short as one day when all else seemed normal he went into a fit of convulsions and then took his last feline breath.

Upon discovering his beloved feline friend has passed away and not knowing what to do with the corpse of the cat my associate decided to place Spike’s not yet cold dead body into the kitchen freezer.  For about a week there Spike remained.  Soon after his death my associate got the brilliant idea to have a viking funeral for Spike down by the river.  So, while Spike’s frozen corpse sat in the freezer, a funeral boat was constructed.

On the day of the funeral we removed Spike from the freezer and seeing as the house was a few miles from the river we needed to transport Spike.  All we had were motorcycles.   And so I hopped on the back of my associates bike and held Spike’s frozen corpse.

I had no part in the events that followed.  I just observed the disaster that it all became.

We arrived at the river and set Spike onto his boat.  There was some issues due to the fact that my associate who was an engineer did a really bad job at designing the boat.  He neglected to factor in the dead body of a cat.  Once we made some modifications to the boat and got Spike afloat the task moved to setting it all ablaze.  Things stared out slowly until someone decided that gasoline might speed things along.  So, Spike and his funeral boat were doused in gasoline and lit on fire.  It wasn’t really a spectacular sight as it didn’t last long.  The frozen cat failed to really catch fire.

So, we now had a half burnt frozen cat on a shitty boat floating in the middle of the river.  After more attempt of trying to get the whole thing to burn the plans changed and it was decided that it be better if Spike had a burial at sea instead.  Efforts switched from buying everything to sinking it all at the bottom of the river.  Eventually this was a success and so to this day Spike the Cat may still very well be at the bottom of the river.

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