The Temple and The God

Although the forest was dense and dark, it was not without traces of civilization. There were many structures built at various locations along the road. The first such place we encountered was the Temple.

The journey began without any spiritual motives, but as it drew on the darkness of the forest started to wear at our souls. Questions without answers began to manifest. More and more questions. Fewer and fewer answers. The Temple was a welcome sight on the journey. We were curious and wanted answers. Places of spiritual significance have often been known to be good for dealing with issues such as this. Although, we had no idea what to expect when we walked in. The Scorpion was skeptical. The Dreamer was hopeful.

Inside we met a lone monk. He was sitting on the ground before an altar of candles and incense. He invited us to sit down with him and join in meditation. He instructed us to clear our minds. We then were told to let the flow of the Universe take over and see where it goes. Our meditation did not reveal any of the answers that we were seeking, but it did help to calm and refocus us.

The Monk had been here for a long time. He told us that he was once lost as well. He decided to build the Temple in the forest to help bring some sort of light to the darkness. He may have been there too long, however. It was as if the forest began to warp his mind. It infected the Monk with delusions of grandeur. The Monk had revealed to us that one day while he was meditating he became inspired. He told us of his epiphany where the Universe revealed to him that he was God. He was connected to everything that happens in the Universe, although not consciously aware of it. He believed he had the power to alter the destiny of everything. He believed that the Universe existed because he existed. Without the Monk to perceive it, the Universe would not exist.

The manipulative, power hungry Scorpion liked the idea of being God. He began to wonder if the Monk was on to something. What if we were all God?

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