The Story of Paco the Smurf

This is the story of Paco the Smurf.

Not much is known about the early days of Paco’s existence. Prior to the late 1990’s he was just some generic stuffed Smurf. It wasn’t until he found a place of honor attached to my locker at the boathouse that he took on his new identity of Paco. It is unclear why exactly he became know as Paco.

And so Paco lived his days attached to the locker with the help of duct tape and the yin yang necklace I got in sixth grade (which has found it’s own place on the rearview mirror of both the Lumina and now the Safari). From his place perched on the locker, Paco was witness to many good times at the DRC. Unfortunately, however, he may have also on more than one occasion been threatened with his head being made into a bowball, such as the fate of the poor blue dog.

At some point Paco was given an additional honor when my web site was named after him. No, I really have no idea why I named the web site Paco. All I know is that the site was just as pointless as it is now. Well, perhaps more so. I did, after all, have a page dedicated to chapstick.

After high school, Paco left his place at the boathouse and hasn’t really done anything much of note. He did try to start a brief music career, but it was ultimately a flop.

Now Paco resides in the mug on top of my desk.

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