The Shipwreck

As we made our way through the forrest we eventually came to a wide and deep river. Upstream a few hundred meters we noticed a ship at anchor. Seeing no bridge to cross and hoping the ship might be able to either ferry us to the other side of the river or even take us out of the forrest we decided to head upstream.

As we arrived to near where the ship was we encountered some of her crew that were on shore. Among the crew was the ship’s captain. He was an intimidating but yet kindly fellow. On his face he wore a beard of gold painted with strands of different colors. His eyes were penetrating and calming. He was a man who spent many years at sea and his adventures on the waves had sculpted his face and tempered his soul. We asked the captain about the possibility of ferrying us to the other side of the river. To our request he responded by asking us where it was that we were trying to go. We told him that we ultimately wanted to get out of the forrest and this was a plan that he fully supported us in. He told us that his ship’s business in the forrest was at an end and they would soon be sailing down river to the coast. From there they offered to drop us off at the next port. Having spent far too much time in this forrest we graciously took the captain up on his offer. And so we boarded the ship and soon after the captain gave the order to weigh anchor and venture downstream.

Our time on the ship was mostly uneventful. The river was calm and easy sailing for the ship and her crew. Myself and my companions thought that our troubles were over. We began to celebrate the fact that we were finally going to find our way home. We began to put the forrest behind us in our minds. We were on our way home. Things were going to be good from now on.

It wasn’t until the second day and our arrival at sea when our fortunes began to change. The wind began to pick up and the sky grew ominously dark. A storm was upon us.

Almost as quickly as our spirits were lifted they were crushed once again.

The waves caused the ship to roll wildly and the gale blew through the sails. The mighty sea began to crash over the deck. The ship was pushed to its limits and eventually after putting up a valiant struggle began to be worn down by the relentless violent ocean. The wind and the waves tore the ship apart.

Fortunately we were close enough to shore that we were able to make it to safety. Unfortunately, that safety was the beach on the edge of the forrest.

The Scorpion, The Dreamer, and myself were alone on the beach. We do not know if any of the crew survived, we never saw anyone after the wreck in the storm. The three of us began to be disheartened by the whole adventure. We did not know if we would ever find our way home. It seemed as if there was always something preventing us from leaving the forrest. We were cursed.

I don’t know if it was our imaginations or not, but we swore that we saw the Fates in the distance down the beach laughing at us and taking great delight in our misfortune.

With little hope of being rescued and making our way home we began to consider the various possibilities of our situation. We began to imagine the worst and that we would never make it home. We remained on the beach for a good long while. We set up a camp and even considered remaining there permanently. We couldn’t go to the sea as we had no boat and we did not want to venture back into the forrest. Each night despair entered our souls as we quietly cried ourselves to sleep. Discouraged, disheartened, and alone; our journey looked like it had come to an end on the beach between the waves and the trees.

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