The Russian

I met her almost four years ago. ¬†It was St. Patrick’s Day. ¬†We took the subway together. ¬†Little did I know that five months later I would become captivated by her. ¬†She intrigued me. ¬†She viewed the world as few people do. ¬†Many would call her crazy, but I found her to be fascinating. ¬†She was intriguing and beautiful. ¬†I considered her a friend and for nine months things were good. ¬†I considered her a friend. ¬†Then things got weird. ¬†It was the first time that a friend had willfully turned away from me. ¬†Little did I know, it would not be the last.

We didn’t acknowledge each other for almost a year afterwards. ¬†Then randomly, almost a year since it began, we did. ¬†It has been consistently awkward ever since though. ¬†And I am still completely fascinated by her. ¬†But I know now that I cannot go down that road. ¬†No matter how much I may want to.

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