The Midnight Scorpion

I once had an unexpected conversation in the least likely of places a while back with someone about why I seem to be drawn to water. It made sense in an odd sort of way…

She was a beautiful girl from Florida I met in Atlantic City.  Our conversation turned to her being attracted to places by the sea.  It was here she came to reveal she was born under the scorpio sign.  This led to our conversation as I myself was officially born as a scorpio.  We understood each other.  We understood the desire, or need, to be near water.  We understood the feeling of being away from it for too long and the longing for it when absent.  We understood the calming effect and viewed it as a sanctuary.  It is water that gives us life and provides us with peace.

She was a free spirited girl and loved the water.  It was late at night, or more likely early in the morning, as we made our way down to the beach.  We both sat there and appreciated the rolling surf and the great expanse of the ocean that was before us.  No one was around and she decided to go for a swim in the moonlit August ocean.  With a smile she stripped off her clothes and ran through the surf.  She was truly in her place of happiness.  I never imagined I would find something so beautiful in New Jersey.

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