The Little Mermaid

“What’s a fire? And why does it, what’s the word? Burn?”

Ahh, leave it to Disney, iTunes, and that blasted Little Mermaid to drive a man insane. Hans Christian Andersen can also be blamed for the last one I suppose. I will admit, it is partly my own fault. After all, I am the one who has this damn song as a part of my music collection. “You want thingamabobs? I got twenty!” It’s just so wretchedly intoxicatingly catchy. Not only do I find myself singing this song in my mind during the day, but last night it was part of my dream. Now the dream itself was rather strange, but I did find myself in familiar company. I was back at the old high school, back with people I have not seen in years, and oh yes, I burst into song! If memory serves, they almost gave me the lead in the school play for my flawless performance. Now the dream did not start off there, and if I recall it was a lot stranger than that. I, however, do not recall what it was at the moment, but man, my mind has been downright silly as of late.

Anyway, back to the Little Mermaid and me. Ariel, a cute redhead she was, although she did have fins, so I guess that’s kinda weird. Now that I think of it, why the hell were sailors of yore getting their slops all up in a twist over a girl with a finned tail? I guess they weren’t leg men, more fans of the torso I suppose. But either way, kind of odd if I do say so myself. Or either that they spent way too much time at sea.

So yeah, the Little Mermaid. I really must stop thinking. It is my current plight that I find meaning and symbolism in everything I encounter these days. My mind is open to all sorts of crazy things. And of course, this is no exception. Out of this one number form the Disney tale I find the desire of youth to move on to something larger, childlike or sheltered innocence, the desire for knowledge in general, the human need for more, more, more. And of course, the grass is always greener. Perhaps the one flaw in this Disney tale is that everything happens all nice and happily ever after. The fish girl gets legs and marries her prince instead of being forced to sell her body just to buy food and make ends meet and finally admit that she screwed up and that life would have in fact been better under the sea.

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