The Laughing Fates

We wandered a bit more through the forest after we left the Temple. After some time we began to sense that we were being followed. It turns out that the Monk had developed a small following over the years. He had groupies. These were the Fates. They were a group of beautiful young women. They had a carefree nature about them. Walking barefoot through the forest, each dressed only in a single piece of light colored cloth; they followed us on our journey.

Like the Monk, they seemed to share a belief that they could influence the Universe and the course of our adventure. But they proved to be most absolutely unhelpful and often seemed to take pleasure in our various misfortunes that we encountered along the way. It was most apparent when things would be going well and then suddenly, as if out of nowhere, our fortunes would change drastically for the worse. It was in these moments that they could be heard laughing in delightful amusement as if they had just played a massively cruel joke on us.

We had attempted to negotiate with them for peace. We even inquired if they would provide us with assistance, or at least stop taking such pleasure in our misery. This effort was fruitless. The Fates were not to be bargained with.

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