The Forrest

As the journey continued with each step the dark obscured horizon came closer and closer. The path led to a dense dark forest. The weather was still fair. Some sunlight penetrated through the thick canopy of leaves, but the woods were filled mostly with shadow and doubt. The Dreamer and I decided to venture forward into the forest. Lacking a map, we didn’t realize how vast the jungle was. The blind optimism of the Dreamer convinced me we wouldn’t spend too long traversing these woods, so we marched onward into the unknown darkness.

In hindsight I should have probably questioned the Dreamer’s opinion of how thick and massive the forest actually was. It stretched on in every direction. We could not go around and we could not go back. The only way was forward through the dense foliage. As we walked on, the forest grew darker and more sinister. The sunlight that had shone through the trees grew dimmer with each day. The forest seemed endless. Would it ever end?

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