The Fantasy of Reality

The more time I spend living in the “real world”, the more I come to realize it is anything but.

The “real world” is an idea that is constantly sold us.  It is manufactured.  Somewhere society decided on a way that things should be and that is what they became.  I remember hearing all about the “real world” while I attended college.  It would most often be used in the context of the life that I would live once I graduated and left school.  It was the world where I would have responsibilities and where the rest of my life began.  It was often used in a context almost to suggest that the life I lived before entering the “real world” was not real.  In that sense it served to trivialize and in someways invalidate everything I had been or had done prior the entering the “real world”.  It was accurately used though when it was in the context that life lived before was easy living compared to the challenges that would lie ahead.

My experience in the “real world” has certainly had many challenges.  And while the world seems real enough and the difficulties seem very real in the moment, as time passes and I am able to step back I realize how very unreal it all is.  The “real world” is a fantasy.  It is an illusion.  Or perhaps more fittingly, a delusion.

Somewhere at some point we as a people decided that things should go a certain way.  Maybe at the time it all made sense, but over the years what might have seemed like a good idea at the time ran away from us uncontrollably.  It all snowballed into a giant monster.

The more I think on it I realize how subjective reality is.  I think on the human spirt and the hopes and dreams of the people.  Most of this is a criticism of commercialized urban society.  Most people living their lives in a city are not likely being true to themselves.  Perhaps I am wrong, but when I walk the streets and see the blank worn-out stares on people “living their life” I can’t help but wonder if they would be living in such a manner if they had any other option.  If society had gone another way the real world would be different.

The “real world” is a lie society tells us.  We are told that there is no other way.  We must go to school, get a job, have a family, etc…  There are certainly many variations on these expectations, but regardless of the variation we are forced to follow one of the set accepted moulds of society.

Shakespeare once called “all the world a stage”.  I wonder how many of the people living each day as society expects them to are acting the part.  How many people are living a fantasy?  Or rather a fiction, as fantasy would seem to imply something good.

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