The Dreamer and The Scorpion

Intensity. That is the Scorpion. The Dreamer and I met him further along the path. He was most certainly intense, very intense. He was a deep ocean of feeling hidden beneath a calm sea. He was loyal to a fault. In an odd sort of way he was also a kindred spirit to us. We recognized something familiar in the Scorpion. Although at times he was dangerous to be around and unfortunately it was all too apparent during some of the darker periods of the journey. He would become our companion nonetheless. As the three of us walked together we knew that if we were going to succeed on our adventure, we had to learn how to get along.

Even faced with his own darkness that seemed to mirror the dark evil of the forest, the Scorpion tried to better himself. Perhaps this was the Dreamer’s influence at work. The Dreamer believed the Scorpion could be better. He believed the world could be better. Hope shines eternally bright was his ethos.

Never simple, always complex and full of contradictions this dance of the Dreamer and the Scorpion would be.

The Scorpion was a fascinating character, perhaps one of the more fascinating ones of the journey. He projected a calm and confident exterior. It was not always easy to know what he was thinking. Below that controlled surface was a raging storm of feeling. A cloud of mystery surrounded him. He was a complex fellow, the loyalist of companions with the deadliest sting. There was wisdom in his complexity.

Just as the Dreamer helped the Scorpion to see the good in things and become less prone to his darker ways, the Scorpion helped the Dreamer to become a realist. He kept him grounded. Without the Scorpion, we might never have left the forest. The Scorpion got things done. He knew how to lead.

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