The Dark Side

All too often, I forget he is there.  Then suddenly I remember.  It’s not like meeting a stranger.  Rather it’s more like meeting an old friend.  A crazy old friend.  I was never really all that tuned into him, but he has always been there as far as I can tell.  But, it’s only really been in the last decade that I’ve really come to know him.  Perhaps even understand him.  He is the razor edge of a sword.  He is the fire that burns inside me.  He is the source of my intensity.  Without him I would be a true and pure pacifist.  And, I would accomplish nothing.  Although dark natured, by the standards of polite society, he is the source of my motivation.  He is what makes me move forward.  He is a source of strength.  But there is a sinister nature to him.  He is vengeance.  He is the fire that would burn the world if it could.  In him lies hate, revenge, and ambition.  But he is not my enemy.  He has become my friend.  He is wild eyed and perhaps half mad, but he is a part of me.  He is the part of me that allows me to function in this world.  He is my counterbalance.  Without him I would be not be able to function.  Amidst all the lies and deceit of the human race, he keeps me from breaking down.  And in turn I balance him.  With out me, he would kill you all.

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