The Aussie

She was perhaps one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen.  She was a cute, rather petite, girl with long platinum blonde hair.  Her soft skin was as pale as the snow and covered in golden freckles.  Her smile was as warm and bright as the midday sun.  She was Australian.

She was also a dream.

I do not know who she is.  As far as I know she does not even exist.  She is simply a figment of my imagination conjured up while I was asleep.  I woke up though with the feeling of having fallen in love with her instantly.  For the brief moment we were together, she was real.

But, that is how it is with dreams.  They come and they go.  They may inspire us with certain feelings and may even drive us to do things, but they ultimately are not real.  They only exist in our mind.  Even if we do end up chasing our dream it will never be what we first imagined it was.  It will always be different for what we dreamt does not exist.  It was not real.

I have spent much of my life chasing dreams.  I am a casualty of the generation that was constantly told to believe in the possible. I suppose I was gullible.  I made the mistake of actually believing in possibilities.  I chased many dreams.  I believed in them and in myself.  I also believed in others.  That often proved to be a mistake.

I was often left surprised when things didn’t turn out as expected or if someone failed to live up to their potential.  And I was always unprepared for the reality of the dream being so very different from how I imagined it.  It is only now that I am beginning to realize this.  It is always different.  It always will be.   The dream never existed.  It was not real.  Whatever I chased was a fantasy.  It was an illusion.  It was not the dream.  The dream is gone.  A fleeting thought lost to reality.

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