Worst experience ever.

Ok, to be fair I have never actually been to PYT.  This article is based entirely on an experience where I ordered delivery from PYT.  I don’t think PYT actually does delivery, this was through a third-party such as Foodler.

I placed the order around 6:00 pm.  The order did not arrive at the Manor until almost 10:00 pm.  I don’t at all fault the delivery person as the receipt from PYT was time stamped somewhere near 9:15 pm.  What this tells me is that it took three fucking hours for those damn hipsters at PYT to cook my burger.  I was not pleased.  In what world is that an acceptable way to run a business?  I have been informed by people who have actually been to PYT that the dining experience is not much better.

As for the burger itself, it was ok.  I don’t think it lived up to the hype.  And it certainly wasn’t worth waiting around for four hours.

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