It’s Only a Boob

Some visitors may notice our support of the clothing-optional philosophy.  Many visitors we would hope would embrace it and be open to this and many other ideas.  The Manor of Foxtrot T. Whiskey, as a place of free-thought, is a place where many different lifestyles and philosophies are welcome and accepted.  We hope that our visitors embrace these ideals, or at the very least try to put aside judgment and keep an open mind.  We realize that some may visit the Manor with a less than open mind, or in cases some sort of prejudice.  There are those who would visit the Manor and begin to wonder, “what’s with the naked people?”

On the subject of nudity and nakedness, we at the Manor believe in a European style outlook.  We also have a strong natural influence at the Manor where naturist and hippie philosophies thrive.  The Manor is also a place where the arts are appreciated.  These three perspectives come together and form the core of the philosophy surrounding the human body at the Manor.

We are all human.  As humans, we exist in nature.  We are not born wearing clothes.  We emerge from the womb in all our naked glory.  We are then taught and told throughout our lives that being naked is bad.   It is the opinion of the majority here in the United States that the naked body is something to hide and even in some cases that we should feel shame.  This is not right.  We find the European attitude towards the human body is much more reasonable.  It is interesting to note American society may be going through a shift towards this more reasonable view though.  Movements such as Free the Nipple and organizations like The Outdoor Co-ed Topless Pulp Fiction Society that fully embrace the New York laws allowing women and men alike to not be required to wear shirts in public may be indications of this shift.  Time will tell.

So, yes, the Manor supports the changing attitude towards nudity in American society, but is all the naked imagery in this publication necessary?  Well, no, it’s not necessary.  It does however serve a purpose.  I admit it is used for a bit of shock value.  It is a quick signal to visitors alerting them to the leanings of the Manor.  I must also admit though, the images are used for their aesthetic value.  The human body can be a thing of beauty.  I don’t mean to objectify it or anything, just appreciate it.  As an artist and supporter of the arts, nudity is a natural part of life and has been since the first artist was inspired.  A naked work is no different than a sunset.

As my sister once said, “It’s only a boob”.

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