Of Vice and Men

While on the path I came to the realization that we all have our vices. It’s only a matter of what and the degree. Anyone who claims to not have at least one is either lying, or extremely dull.

As previously mentioned, the forest was not void of inhabitants. All along the path there were inhabited structures and settlements. Some of these were innocent enough while others catered to the more corrupted souls. Among these less innocent establishments were the brothels. There were many on the path. While at times there was a lot of distance between one and the next, it was only a matter of time before a traveler encountered another. During our time spent in the forest we stumbled upon many of these places.

It has been said that everything can be good in moderation. I tend to agree with this statement, but living life according to these words can be interesting. It can certainly be wonderful, but there is a down side to it all. In a similar vein to sayings such as “carpe diem” or “YOLO”, living life by these words can lead one to be rather open and free-spirited. New experiences are embraced, very rarely are they avoided outright. “Yes” is said more than “no”. That’s all well and good, but if one is to truly embrace the meaning of the words, they must do so fully. This means from time to time they might find themselves on the darker side of things. That’s I suppose how the path led to include various modes of free-spirited women and magic white powder.

If there was one common vice the trio shared it was beautiful women. Each approached it from a slightly different perspective however. I was perhaps the most conservative of the group. I viewed things from a traditional perspective of finding a nice girl and maybe one day settling down. The Dreamer believed in love. Oh how he believed in it. But it blinded him. He was also so quick to fall into its trap. He appreciated the beauty in every woman he encountered and often got too caught up in things. The Scorpion took a more liberal approach. His intense nature permeated his entire being. This included his approach to sex and love. On the issue of love, he took a view that was almost like a hybrid of my own and the Dreamer’s. He wanted to believe in love, but was skeptical. If he found someone he thought had real potential he went all in and was blindingly loyal. Otherwise, he just liked to keep things free and uncommitted. He liked options.

So, at various points along our journey one or more of us would get tangled up in this shared vice. Sometimes it was for love and other times simply just lust.

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