New Jersey

When I was growing up I never really understood New Jersey.  I just thought it was where New York dumped all of its trash.  New Jersey was this mythical land near New York City.   All I really knew of it was one incontestable truth, New Jersey was a magical land full of suck.

As I got older I learned that it wasn’t as simple as that.  New Jersey was much more complicated.  Oh yes, Jersey is indeed full of suck, but there have been some good things that have come out of there.  It turns out New Jersey is good for music.


The above picture is none other than Bon Jovi.  I used to think Bon Jovi sucked.  I’m not sure if it was due to their association with New Jersey or I just didn’t like their music, but as time went on my opinion changed. Perhaps I had an epiphany, or maybe it just might have had something to do with that Bon Jovi concert I ended up going to with this cute girl I knew.  Who really can say, all I know is before that show I never really listened to Bon Jovi.  The most I had probably listened to them before that was in moments while drunk at 2am when someone inevitably starts blasting “Living on a Prayer”.  Whatever it was though, I left that concert and got my hands on as much Bon Jovi as I could…


…the music, I got my hands on the music.

So anyway, now that my iTunes was filled up with Bon Jovi, I spent the next month rocking out to it.  As it turns out, it really wasn’t all that bad.  In fact some of it was quite good.  Bon Jovi is a good drinking band.  You know, when you’ve been drinking and some how find your mind wandering to the crap that it will wander to…lost loves, days gone by, etc…  Yeah, Bon Jovi is good for that kind of drinking.

Injesting substances and listening to music is a time honored tradition dating back to…I have no idea.  But I’m sure them damn durty hippies were not the first to do it.  And so with that we move to another musical group with ties to New Jersey: Phish.  Yes the band that many people feel they need to be high when listening to.  Trey Anastasio, the lead guy, is from Princeton, New Jersey.


Now, I am a fan of Phish.  They make some good tunes.  So, I have yet another reason to not think so lowly of New Jersey.  Although just a quick word on Princeton if I may…it sucks.   Except, of course, for the Princetonian Diner, they have pretty good food.  And maybe the Wawa on the university campus.  But everything else…total suck.

Now there is another musical fellow from New Jersey, but I’m not really sure on how I feel about this one.  Turns out he has ties to both artists mentioned above…other than being from New Jersey, of course.



Yes, none other than The Boss, Tony Danza…

…er, I mean, Bruce Springsteen


Now, I like some of Springsteen’s music, but I saw him at a live show once and wasn’t too impressed.  Bonnaroo 2009 I was so bored with the performance I spent the Springsteen set staring up at the stars contemplating the universe instead of getting sucked into the music.  Or maybe it was just because of the pot and LSD.  I guess we’ll never really know.  Really the only memorable moment was when they played that Santa Clause song in the middle of June. Oh yeah, that, and when he told us all to build him a house.  A house of song, and love, and puppies…

Going off on a tangent for a minute, I bet this keeps Tony Danza up at night:


I hope that makes up for the Bon Jovi picture earlier.  Alas though, Alyssa is from Brooklyn, not New Jersey…

So…back to New Jersey.   While the state has given us some good things in the music world, it has also given us many other bad things in entertainment, such as:


While, yes, most of the cast members aren’t even from New Jersey, the show takes place there.  And just because these clowns aren’t from New Jersey it does not mean New Jersey is not full of their kind…


Which is why if you’re taking the train from Philly to New York on a Friday night it is worth it to shell out $100 for an Amtrak ticket rather than deal with New Jersey Transit.

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