Meeting Death

I have had a few strange dreams, but the one that really topped all others was when I met Death.

It started off with me lying in bed and hearing nothing but this constant high pitched hellish ringing in my ears. I lied in my bed for what seemed like a few minutes wondering why all I heard was this noise and what was causing it. After a bit I rolled over onto my back and as I did, I saw before me a large black figure. It took me a moment, but I then recognized this faceless robed being as none other than the grim reaper. As I realized who he was and why he was probably visiting me, the only thoughts that went through my head were “Oh, come on, you have to be kidding me. And things were going so well. Can’t we do this another time?” Then after a brief moment of Death and I staring at each other, I woke up. Now it did take me a minute or two to determine if I really was awake and also that I in fact was not dead.

So there you have it, what may be the freakiest dream I have had yet. And yes, I did spend most of the day today wondering what if it was real. Maybe I just had a near death experience. Perhaps I made a deal with Death and he agreed to let me live. What if…

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