La Mer

This is all about the 1976 Julio Iglesias recording of La Mer.  Now for those who don’t speak french, La Mer may be recognized as the same tune as Beyond the Sea made famous by Bobby Darin.  I first heard this version while watching Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy.  The song’s use in that film is perfect, by the way.  But I was immediately drawn to this song although never really being a fan of Julio Iglesias at any point in time or ever thought I would actually enjoy any of his work.  Since hearing the song in the film I have added the song to my Spotify playlist.  I am actually listening to it now as I write this.  You know, for inspiration.   

I also found the recording on YouTube.  I was exploring some of the comments posted by various users and came across two very accurate ones that stuck out.  The first was that Julio sings like a sheep.  Seriously, vibrato.  The second was the user commented how one could “hear the panties drop”.  Also, I imagine quite accurate.  I’m not sure if this is connected to the vibration in his voice, but I could only imagine Julio conjuring up the right conditions for panties to drop with this song.  I cannot confirm this personally however as I was not there when he was singing this and I have never myself worn panties.  But, nonetheless, I find this theory to be plausible.

Either way, listening to this song certainly makes one feel the glory of the 70’s.  The groovy big band disco sound to this recording is really something.  This is perhaps what makes the recording what it is.  If not for the band backing him up and laying down that sexy groove, Julio probably wouldn’t sound as good.

And let’s for a moment talk about the use of this recording in the aforementioned film.  After seeing/hearing this it may have made me think about taking up a career as a 1970’s British spy.

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