Insane Irish

Went up to NYC for the weekend.  Good time.  It all started on Friday.  Shortly after 9 am I receive a call from a very good friend who informs me that he will be in New York for the weekend.  Not only that, but he will be there with a bunch of crazy irishmen.

I spend the rest of the day rolling around in my head the idea of joining them in the city.  It is Friday, and I have a futbol (soccer) game to attend to after work.  So I play soccer, tackle the president, drink some beer, make my way back to the city and hop on a train to New York.  Amtrak is great for getting my ass to NYC on short notice.  An hour and a half and a half bottle of wine later I find myself at Penn Station.  I meet up with the Gregg at the bar, who then tells me I’m a best man in what will certainly be the most insane wedding ever, and then we go inside and drink some beer.  The Irish are busy trying to pick up chicks, or “birds” as they say.  After a bit we moved on to a kareoke bar, which was awesome!  Nothing better than hanging out and singin with a bunch of drunk irishmen.  I hung out with a few of these same lads back in 2004 when I was in England and we drunkenly sang on the shore of the river Thames, so it really all came full circle.

It was a good night.  We sang some Billy Joel, Neil Diamond, and Righteous Brothers, Ed’s girlfriend kissed me, two of the irish guys took home this bird from Harlem to double team her, and another lad got a tattoo while looking for some genuine New York pizza.

We went out again the following night too.

That night ended with some girl throwing water at us at 5am from a fourth story window.  I guess she didn’t like our singing.

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