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It’s been quite a week.  Last weekend ended up hanging out with the Swede which ended up turning into an interesting night.  More on that later‚ maybe. Had an oddly productive week.  I realized that If I really focused I could probably complete most of what I have to do in a month in about two weeks.  It would really suck, but I could do it.  Then today I was wildly going down a hill with planks strapped to my feet.  Yes, I was skiing.  First time in something like seven years I think.  It was a good time.  Just a quick note on the whole skiing thing, more of an observation, I guess.  You don’t really often think about it, but some girls look really good in a lot of clothing.  Maybe it’s just me, but I likes me some snowbunnies.

Ok, so what was it that happened last weekend?

It started out with the Swede telling me to meet him and some friends for a beer downtown.  Mind you, it’s 9 at night and I haven’t even bothered to get dressed.  But, nevertheless, I muster the motivation, hop in the shower, throw some clothes on, and I then get myself to the place where they are.  We meet up.  I get a beer.  As I drink the beer (a Yuengling Lager from the tap if anyone cares), they inform me that we are about to go to another place.  I reply “Ok, whatever”.  The girls wanted to go dancing I am told.  Still I say, “OK, fine”.  They then reply “At a gay bar”.  Still I say, “Ok, sure, whatever”.  Then of course, I am asked “are you gay?”  To which I reply, “no”.  I guess they needed to check.  So, now that they have managed to plant the question of “do I look gay?” in the back of my mind, we hop in a cab and go to the club.

The dancing was supposed to start up around 11.  We arrived a bit early, so we go downstairs to the bar/lounge to hang out and wait for the stuff upstairs to get going.  I have nothing against homosexual people.  I have some friends who are and I’m comfortable enough with myself that I’m not bothered by things I don’t understand.  But this was the first time I have ever been to a place like this.  And so, the observer that I am, took the time to notice some things.

First, the venue is pretty much like any other club except for one minor detail.  It seems that when they built the place they must have been trying to save money since they only had one bathroom.  It was just like a full public restroom, with stalls and all, except no male/female distinction.  I happened to be in there when a group of girls came in.  They seemed a bit surprised by it all as well.  Not usually the type of thing one encounters in the main stream world, at least not in a public setting.  But, it makes sense, I guess.  What other option did they have?  The Swede was afraid to go in at first, not because of the ladies, but because of what might happen to him if he wasn’t careful.  Turns out he was a little uncomfortable with the whole thing in general.  He explained that because he is Swedish, people in America often mistake him for being gay.  So, I guess this wasn’t helping his image any.

The second thing I observed was the interactions between people.  At a straight bar, one often notices the interactions between men and women.  You know, the guy sitting at the bar trying to pick up the girl.  Well, that was going on here too, except between two guys.  The same nonverbal communication was all there.  I’m sure the conversation wasn’t much different either.  I don’t know though, I couldn’t hear any of it.

Probably the thing I noticed most, however, was that gay guys aren’t any better at dancing or singing than straight guys.  In the lounge there was karaoke and as the party was getting started upstairs it looked like a junior high dance except without any girls.  Yeah, that’s right, a bunch of guys bobbing awkwardly to the music on the sides of the floor trying not to look nervous/uncomfortable.

So, I guess, in conclusion: gay people are people too and if they want to get married, sure why the hell not.

And so the night continued after the dancing and many shots of tequilla and vodka stuff.

We left the bar sometime around 3am and wandered around the city for a bit.  I think we were trying to figure out where we could find some women.  The Swede especially was all about this after a drag queen attempted to undress him on the dance floor.


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