Closing the Manor

One week from this coming Wednesday I will be heading north to New England with the remaining contents of  my residence in Philadelphia.   I have already begun the transition back to my place of birth.   At the end of October I took a van loaded with many of my nonessential belongings and begun the process of setting up my residence in Massachusetts for a more permanent living situation.  It will be odd leaving this city of so-called brotherly love.  I have been in residence here for over eleven years.  I came close to making the stay longer, but ended up making some quick decisions in October and I intend to not look back.

Although, as I have mentioned previously, this transition does come with it a certain degree of apprehension and uncertainty.  Even though I am returning to the place I spent the first half of my life, it is not the same place I left.  I am venturing into the unknown.   My greatest fear is facing the expectations I have had the luxury of forgetting for so long.  I know in the end things will be fine and my home will yield to my will, but the process is never easy.

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