On the other side

November 29, 2016 FTW 0

So I have made it through to the other side.  I have closed the Manor and moved myself back north to Hunter Hill.  It is […]

Fons Iuvenis

November 20, 2016 FTW 0

It is no secret that as I have been contemplating the idea of leaving Philadelphia and returning home to the place of my childhood I […]

Closing the Manor

November 12, 2016 FTW 0

One week from this coming Wednesday I will be heading north to New England with the remaining contents of  my residence in Philadelphia.   I have […]

Failing the Bar

October 8, 2016 FTW 0

The Commonwealth released the results of this year’s bar exam today. The process by which they do so is in a highly visible public manner. […]

New Powers

September 10, 2016 FTW 0

The mind is an interesting place.  I recently stumbled upon a fascinating, if only simple, power contained within.  I was sitting at my desk one […]

Can you feel it?

January 9, 2016 FTW 0

I can feel it. It is there. Building up.  The fire that once was burns again.  The spark has ignited.  The power, the drive, the […]


November 29, 2015 FTW 0

It was the first time that I had returned home since I decided that I would return home after being away for the past decade. […]

Homeward Bound

October 31, 2015 FTW 0

As I write this I could be seven months from returning home.  I have lived in Philadelphia for over ten years.  By the time I […]

The Dense Spheres

February 15, 2015 FTW 0

They are a phenomenon which I have experienced since I was very young.  They occur infrequently, but often times when I am very sick.  Occasionally, […]

An Artist’s Soul

December 12, 2014 FTW 0

It hasn’t been always that I have known my place in this world.  Many a time have I been lost.  Uncertain of who I was […]