The Fantasy of Reality

November 3, 2015 FTW 0

The more time I spend living in the “real world”, the more I come to realize it is anything but. The “real world” is an […]

Homeward Bound

October 31, 2015 FTW 0

As I write this I could be seven months from returning home.  I have lived in Philadelphia for over ten years.  By the time I […]

It’s Only a Boob

June 12, 2015 FTW 0

Some visitors may notice our support of the clothing-optional philosophy.  Many visitors we would hope would embrace it and be open to this and many […]

The Dense Spheres

February 15, 2015 FTW 0

They are a phenomenon which I have experienced since I was very young.  They occur infrequently, but often times when I am very sick.  Occasionally, […]

An Artist’s Soul

December 12, 2014 FTW 0

It hasn’t been always that I have known my place in this world.  Many a time have I been lost.  Uncertain of who I was […]

Draco Argenteus

December 11, 2014 FTW 0

The mix of a childhood dream, money to burn, and near insanity. It was my first live steel sword, a razor sharp katana with a […]

Time Loop

January 3, 2010 FTW 0

Parts  of this dream kept repeating. It was not exactly the same each time, however.  Details would change, but the basic story would remain the […]


March 23, 2008 FTW 0

To live by what is right is to be in conflict with society. From a Christian view the modern world makes it very difficult to […]

The Beauty of All

February 16, 2008 FTW 0

Everything is beautiful. Why do I see good in everything everywhere I go?  It does admittedly put me at odds with the rest of the […]


February 5, 2008 FTW 0

Most people have opinions; this is not a bad thing. In fact, quite the contrary, it is a very good thing for people to have […]