The Renaissance Faire

September 18, 2016 FTW 0

Last year I decided to take my first trip to a Renaissance Faire, or Ren Faire as they are more shortly known.  Now the ren […]

New Orleans

March 2, 2015 FTW 0

My trip down to New Orleans was a fairly quick affair.  I was in the city for only somewhere near thirty hours.  I boarded a […]

Blizzard vs. BMW

February 10, 2015 FTW 0

In the middle of winter I had to make an emergency road trip from Philadelphia to New England.  An important matter came up that required […]

Insane Irish

March 22, 2010 FTW 0

Went up to NYC for the weekend.  Good time.  It all started on Friday.  Shortly after 9 am I receive a call from a very […]

Brooklyn Nights

June 7, 2007 FTW 0

I like New York, nice town. So Hayley is leaving New York in order to attend school at Georgetown. She had this going away party […]