The Little Mermaid

April 15, 2010 FTW 0

“What’s a fire? And why does it, what’s the word? Burn?” Ahh, leave it to Disney, iTunes, and that blasted Little Mermaid to drive a […]

New Jersey

February 13, 2010 FTW 0

When I was growing up I never really understood New Jersey.  I just thought it was where New York dumped all of its trash.  New […]

Wino Forever

October 28, 2009 FTW 0

Whoa, you have no idea what hard is until you work with HTML when your entire computer starts spinning around in front of you. Which […]

Thirsty Thursday

October 6, 2007 FTW 0

Ok. So drinking on a weekday wasnt all that bad. And it wasn’t my fault this time.  So we hang out at the overpriced bar […]