La Mer

December 11, 2016 FTW 0

This is all about the 1976 Julio Iglesias recording of La Mer.  Now for those who don’t speak french, La Mer may be recognized as the […]

Cape Cod Girls

September 18, 2016 FTW 0

And while we’re on the subject of music, and myself being a drunken sailor and all from the great state (commonwealth) of Massachusetts…a few years […]

The Sound of Silence

September 18, 2016 FTW 0

As I was driving the other day I had the radio on and was listening to WMMR, 93.3FM in Philadelphia.  They played a version of […]

New Jersey

February 13, 2010 FTW 0

When I was growing up I never really understood New Jersey.  I just thought it was where New York dumped all of its trash.  New […]

A Band of Celtic Punks

September 15, 2007 FTW 0

Good weekend so far. Started it off on a Thursday night! Thursday I went back into the city for the Flogging Molly/Dropkick Murphys show at […]