Brooklyn Nights

I like New York, nice town. So Hayley is leaving New York in order to attend school at Georgetown. She had this going away party thing on Saturday night, that’s why I was up there.

So I leave Philly on Saturday afternoon and ride the train north. I like riding the train, good classic mode of transportation. My grandfather was a railroad man, worked for New York Central, so my dad always liked trains and a bit of that may have rubbed off on me. So anyway, I arrive in New York at Penn Station and I have some time to kill before I make my way over to Brooklyn. I decide to take a little stroll down West 33rd St towards the Empire State building. Maybe it’s just me, but it doesn’t look that tall when you’re standing at the base of it, weird I know.

As I walk around the building I see this girl sitting on the sidewalk. She has this cardboard sign that said something about her being broke. It was at this moment I was reminded that sometimes life sucks and you hit bottom. I was also reminded of how in Philly all we have is crazy dirty bums haning around instead of pretty attractive girl bums. Ahhhh, New York even the bums are high class. So anyway, I then walk back towards Madison Square Garden so I can catch the A to the L and get over to Brooklyn.

I get to Brooklyn and walk towards Ed’s place. Pretty uneventful walk other than when I went through the park I got to throw a soccer ball back to some kids who kicked it over the fence. They were happy. After that I made it to Ed’s street and his place, however he apparently changed his cell phone number without telling anyone so I had to call McWilliams to call Ed to let me in. Ed lets me in, some time passes, we watched an episode of Pete and Pete and waited for McW, James, and Greg Young to get in. They arrive about 40 minutes afer I do and we hang out some more. Hayley arrives, we kill more time, and then we go to dinner at this polish place. Pretty good food. After dinner we hit the subway to Manhattan and make our way to Fat Baby. We hang out here for a good bit since this is where Hayley’s thing was happening. Greg Young manages to get kicked out for spilling his drink on himself, so we all eventually make our way out after that so Greg wouldn’t be all alone on the street.

We then decide to get food. This would normally be a good idea, however not so much in this case. I ask Ed if he knows of any place to get a kebab and he’s like “oh yeah, follow me”. Obviously Ed has no idea what a kebab is. He leads us to some indian place. While I like indian food, 3 am is not the time to be eating it. So, we eat the food anyway and complain about it being spicy. Greg Young then spills rice on James which then makes James angry. “I’m sorry, [Greg] said” which then made everyone happy again. After this details are a bit blurry, but we all manage to get back to Brooklyn. I think everyone went back to Ed’s place except for myself, Ed, Greg Young, and Adam’s sister Becky. We decide to walk to Royal Oaks and dance. Last time we walked to Royal Oaks with Ed leading us, we got very lost and walked around in circles for a longtime. This time Ed did a pretty good job. As we walked by Capones on the way we thought about how nice it would be to have a pizza, but we kept walking because that was not our destination.

After spending some time dancing at Royal Oaks, we walk back towards Ed’s place. We stop in the park briefly to sit on a park bench and also to attempt to climb a light pole. Once we got to Ed’s we all decided to sleep on his roof, which was a really good idea, until the sun came up in the morning and it got really hot.

Once we all wake up we go to breakfast accross the street. After that we went back to Ed’s and watched some tv. We kept switching between Pokemon and the Shining. Around 1 or 2 we all decide to head our separate ways. I walk back to the subway and get myself to Penn Station. I stop on 7th Ave to get a Gyro for lunch before boarding the train back to Philly, it was good, much better than 3 am curry.

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