A Kenyan, a Swede, and an American walk into a bar.

Yet again, I found myself in Manhattan.  This time it was because the Kenyan and the Swede wanted to to take a trip up.  Unlike last weekend, this was not as crazy.  We took the bus up, and might I add I fucking hate the bus.  The train is so much better.  We actually did take NJ Transit/SEPTA on the way back‚ took a bit longer, but it was worth it.

We arrived in the city, headed to SoHo, had some lunch and then did a bit of shopping.  We first went to this store that was completely worthless then we went to Uniqlo which was a nice surprise‚ although crowded as fuck.  The mission was to find some shirts, although I did pick up a waistcoat with which I am very satisfied.  After SoHo we sort of took the wrong train twice, ended up in Brooklyn, saw a mexican band play in one of the cars filled with drunk prep school kids, got on the correct train, then got off at the WTC site and continued shopping at Century 21.  I couldn’t help it, while we were there I kept imagining what it would have been like when the giant buildings next door came crashing down.  It’s interesting how almost nine years later it’s still a giant hole in the ground.

After leaving New York and returning to the PHL, we then ended up meeting with a bunch of Wharton (Penn business school) students who had commandeered a bar called Apothecary for the evening.  Nothing like hanging out at a trendy bar with a bunch of self-important MBA students.

It wasn’t all that bad, the night concluded at ihop.

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