A Band of Celtic Punks

Good weekend so far. Started it off on a Thursday night! Thursday I went back into the city for the Flogging Molly/Dropkick Murphys show at Penn’s Landing. Due to public transportation being what it is in the city I started the night off with a nice walk from Market East to the Festival Pier. As I got closer I could tell I was near due to all the celtic punk types walking around. Probably one of the few concerts you see lots of guys walking around in kilts. I met up with the gang from the boat club and soon found myself following the Godfreys through the crowd to a spot pretty close to the front. Flogging Molly started off the show and we spent probably the first half of their set near the front until we decided we had enough of being tossed around for one night. We then made our way back a little bit and met up with the rest of the group again. Towards the end of Flogging Molly our group was joined by Marcus who randomly appeared from the crowd and hung around with us for a bit but then disappeared duing the break before Dropkick Murphys took the stage. A good show all around, both Flogging Molly & Murphys. WIth it being a Thursday it ended around 11:30, so we made our way from the stage to Delaware Ave to plan our next move. After the show we decided to go to St. Stephens on Green St and hang out for abit. So, we found ourselves a cab and jumped in. “To Green St.” we said, but then we ended up getting out at 10th and Spring Garden because Snowy had called and said they weren’t sure they were going to St. Stephens afterall. We then got out of the cab and stood on the corner for 15 minutes or so until we figured out the plan. Turned out we should have just stayed in the cab kept going. Got a call back from Matt and we found another cab to pick up our journey where we left off.

We got to St. Stephens and found Micah & Luke who were already enjoying some beer. They actualy passed us in a cab while we were standing on the corner. The rest of us then ordered our drinks and got busy hanging out. A few minutes later we were joined by Snowball and Mariah who brought with them Matt, the drummer from Dropkick Murphys. Turns out Mariah is friends with Matt’s fiancee or somehing like that. So we all spent the next few hours at St. Stephens and had ourselves a grand old time. Even had a conversation with Matt about Shrewsbury. It turns out the closest Newbury Comics to where he lived in Leominster was the one in Shrewsbury; and he knew all about SPAGs and how it is now unfortunately a Building 19.

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