Biographical Profile

Name: Foxtrot T. Whiskey

Gender: Male

Nationality: American

Place of Birth: Massachusetts

Ancestral Home: Hunter Hill

Primary Residence: Whiskey Manor

Primary Occupation: Renaissance Man

The early years of the life of Foxtrot T. Whiskey are the subject of much speculation and debate. Not much is really know about him as a child. The truth of his youth is obscured by the mist of time. He was born in Massachusetts on an autumn night under the sign of the scorpion and lived for much of his young life at the home of his family on Hunter Hill. By most accounts, his childhood was a happy one. It was good although sheltered from the world in many respects. If he could have lived his childhood forever it would have been a life in paradise.

As Foxtrot grew older, as all children must, he began to venture out into more of the world. The farther he ventured, the more paradise slipped away. It was gradually that the world revealed its true nature to him. It took many years before he would realize how far from paradise he had ventured. But, for most of his youth, he lived a life of comfort and of dreaming of the possibilities of existence.

At eighteen years of age, Foxtrot left his home to attend university. For the next four years he would further his education and experiences. Upon graduating he briefly returned to Hunter Hill before moving to Philadelphia and establishing his Pennsylvania home of Whiskey Manor. A few years after taking up residence in Philadelphia he would go on to further his formal education once again and attend law school.

While highly educated, Foxtrot’s interests, knowledge, and experience goes far beyond that he has learned through formal schooling. Over the years he has acquired a vast array of skills and knowledge.

He is a musician and primarily plays the saxophone, although he has experimented with other instruments including: piano, organ, guitar, violin, bagpipes, and nose flute. He once owned a banjo, but ended up selling it to a man for $50 and passage on the man’s boat. He was banned from playing the drums as a young child because his teacher thought he had no rhythm.

He has a collection of swords and has studied the arts involving the use of each.

He knows how to handle a firearm, but prefers archery to guns.

Years of driving the Northeast Corridor have honed his exceptional skills behind the wheel of an automobile, but his preferred mode of transportation is a motorcycle.

He will always love the sea and feels at home on a boat.

It is known that Foxtrot T. Whiskey was not his name at birth. The origins of the name are often misunderstood. The name originates from the NATO alphabet rendition of the acronym FTW and has nothing to do with the drink whiskey. What FTW stands for is anyones guess. It has been used to mean many different things by many different people. Whiskey himself has often referenced the various meanings. It is perhaps because of this ambiguity that the name is fitting.